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About Waxing

The merits of waxing versus other hair removal procedures are endless. Unlike shaving, waxing pulls hair out of the root and minimizes irritation to the skin, allowing you to maintain smooth skin for a longer amount of time. Although hair will grow at different rates depending on person, smooth skin will last anywhere from 2 -6 weeks and we recommend for clients to periodically wax every 4 weeks. Note waxing also takes away dead skin and improves hygiene. Unlike hair removal using a laser, waxing allows hair to be removed even from sensitive areas including the labia.

Waxing can be applied to most areas of the body hence making body waxes very popular procedures as well. We even offer facial waxes that help make-up apply better to the skin.

Waxing however isn't perfect and not necessarily for everyone. Hair removal via waxing may not be comfortable for some people and may even hurt for a short period of time. Worst case, waxing may also cause bruising. Lastly, waxing is not a means of permanent hair removal.

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