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Body waxing for Women
Brazilian waxing (Remove all hair from front to back)Most Popular! 7,500JPY
OptionalLanding strip or Triangle+500JPY
Heart shape in frontRecommended!+1,000JPY
Stomach area +2,100 JPY
Bikini waxing (Remove only hair outside panty line) 6,000JPY
Half arm (from elbow to hands) waxing 4,000JPY
Full arm (from shoulder to hands) waxing 7,500JPY
Half leg (from knee to feet) waxing 4,500JPY
Full leg (bikini is not included) waxing 9,300JPY
Underarms waxing 3,000JPY
Back waxing 8,300JPY
Thigh waxing 5,000JPY
Hip waxing 4,200JPY
Chest waxing 4,200JPY
Facial waxing for Women
Eyebrow waxing 2,100JPY
Forehead waxing 3,100JPY
Lip or Thin waxing 1,800JPY
Neck waxing 4,200JPY

※Our salon does not offer the Male Brazilian Wax or other area is not on the menu.
Body waxing for Men
Full Legs (from bikini line to the toes) 13,000JPY
Lower Legs (from include the knee to toes) 6,500JPY
Upper Legs (include the knee) 7,000JPY
Full Arms (below shoulder to fingers) 9,000JPY
Half Arms (from elbow to fingers or top of shoulder to elbow) 5,000JPY
Hands (include fingers) or Top of Feet (include toes) 3,000JPY
Underarms 4,000JPY
Full Stomach 5,000JPY
Stomach (1/2 Upper or lower) 3,000JPY
Chest 5,000JPY
Nipples 2,500JPY
Full Back 9,000JPY
Back (1/2 Upper or lower)  5,000JPY
Face Waxing for Men
Nose 3,300JPY
Eyebrow 3,000JPY
Lip 3,000JPY
Chin 3,000JPY
Chin to Sideburns 3,000JPY
Neck 3,000JPY
Full beard 10,000JPY

For more explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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